Mrs. Hokonohara's checkin #1

Dear Busy Bee families,

I hope that this email finds you healthy and safe. So many of you are worried (rightfully so!) about the learning loss that will occur during the school closures. First of all, (take a deep breath and exhale and then) remember that this week is technically "spring break." What would you have been doing during the planned spring break? Probably not a full schedule of academic blocks.

There is a LOT of information being thrown at you, there is a TON of online resources, and some parents feel that they have to do everything. NOT TRUE. No one is expecting you to "replace" the teacher or the school curriculum. No teacher is thinking, "I hope that Johnny's mom is teaching him how to add mixed fractions at home." All of the teachers are wondering and worried about their students' mental health. Hoping that Johnny is not crying because he cannot see his friends and that Sammy doesn't have a belly ache from all of her worries about what is going on. Do what you can. Take care of each other.

Next week, your school teacher's will be sending out distance learning instructions. I am sure there will be a lot of questions, and please know that I am here to support you and your child. The Busy Bee Learning Hive was created ten years ago, to support our students, teachers, and schools. I will do everything that I can to support your child's learning during this time. I am always available by phone, email, and text. We will get through this. Our kids may not learn all of the academic content that we thought they would during this month (or two), but the loss can be balanced with other benefits. Let's open the doors to dive into their natural curiosity and creativity.

I promise, your children will thrive because you are trying.

It has only been four days since the Hive closure, but I am missing my Busy Bees so much. But do you know what is helping me through this? The texts/emails (from the students), the picture of the tooth coming out of the cute smiling mouth, the adorable drawings students have made for me... thank you. Thank you for bringing happiness to my day, even from a distance. xoxo

Kathy Hokonohara