Mrs. Hokonohara's checkin #2

March 27, 2020

Dear Busy Bee families,

You did it! You made it to Friday! First week of distance learning in the books!

I hope that most of you have started establishing some sort of routine and are starting to feel more confident about this new "crisis schooling" (not homeschooling). Each school, grade level, and teacher has different platforms, different curriculum, and different assignments. There is SO MUCH on your plate right now. And I wish I could take half of that off for you. I would give anything to be at the Hive and TEACHING my students. But, as you probably already know, we will not be returning until May 4 (and that date will most likely be pushed again).

Although I have been so sad not to be at the Hive, I have enjoyed all of the texts, phone calls, emails, and messages. The silly pictures of the kids rolling in the mud, or the "parent-training" through an assignment, or the video of the kiddo doing his pull ups in the home gym, or the "serious talks" with my sweet KinderBee to write in complete sentences... whatever it may be, I LOVE it. Thank you. I thought it might be a good idea to post some of the common questions below, because you might be wondering the same thing.

One day, we will look back and be completely amazed by our strength during this incredibly difficult time. In the meantime, do what you can, take care of each other, and focus on the good things. Please give those Busy Bees an extra BIG squeeze from me. xoxo

Kathy Hokonohara

Are you going to create a google classroom or zoom with your students?

No. Not at this time. I know that parents are working from home, and the school has probably given you WAY more than you can handle (I totally get it! I am in the same boat with my own two children!). Maybe, in the near future, we can create a fun zoom "get together" just to see some familiar faces.

Can you set up tutorials for the parents so that we can teach our kids?

No. You have enough on your plate right now. You do not need to worry about watching a tutorial and trying to learn how to teach. Teaching is not something you can just learn by watching a video. But, if there is something that you are unsure of, or need assistance, please call/text/email me. I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Is all of this easier for you to figure out because you are a teacher?

No. It is not. This is ALL new to me. The only part of it that is "easier" is that I know the curriculum and standards, and I know which parts are important and I select a few key assignments. The rest of it, I either ignore or plan to come back to it another day. And, that is ok.

How am I supposed to do everything that the classroom teacher is posting?

You can't. No one is expecting you to. Do what you can. Step away from everything else. If the kids want to go outside and build a fort instead of learning how to do double digit subtraction, then let them. Everyone (teachers, parents, children, the community...) is struggling with all of this. That workbook page or the story that you were supposed to finish reading, can wait. I promise. The teachers have worked extremely hard on building this new platform for you, but they are not expecting you to do it all. Do what you can. Don't worry... I will be busting out my teaching muscles, to get them back into gear (hopefully by the summer!).

Are you going to offer summer classes?

YES. Absolutely. That is the plan. Our students are going to need an intense summer program to work on "catching up." When I have those programs ready to open up for enrollment, my current students will have first priority in snagging a spot. I am planning to "beef up" our summer learning programs so that we can really work on all of the academic needs....BUT, this is only if we are safe and healthy by June/July, and that the Hive will be able to survive until then.

Are you going to charge us for April?

No. Of course not. I will not be charging you for any services or classes until we are back in session. However, with that said, if you still owe for January, February, or March, PLEASE pay your tuition as soon as possible. I still need to pay the minimum expenses- rent, utilities, vehicles, insurances, and other fees. I am trying to negotiate some of these fees, but many companies are not budging for businesses- not yet, at least.
(Login to your account, and if there is an unpaid invoice, then please pay it. Thank you.)