Mrs. Hokonohara's checkin #3

April 3, 2020

Dear Busy Bee families,

hapBEE Friday!

Well.  Week two of distance learning was much easier, right?  (hahaha!)  Now that you have weeded through the technology problems and issues, you are now tackling the learning portion.  It's HARD.  I totally get that.  Here is my advice:

  1. Set a simple routine.
    • Get up, eat, go to bed, at their normal times.
    • Work on reading, writing, math for 10-20 minute blocks each day.
    • Play outside, work on puzzles, play a board game for 30 minute blocks each day.
  2. Get creative.
    • If your child does not want to read, then let them listen to books on tape, or have the computer read it to them.
    • If your child refuses to work on skip counting with you, then skip count while jump roping.
    • If your child starts to use their crayons to draw on the walls (yes, this is happening in my house!), then give them some sidewalk chalk and tell them to draw on the backyard fence.
  3. Stay positive.
    • Your child hears and feels EVERYTHING you are saying and feeling right now.  Try to stay positive. Do not get frustrated at the school or your child's teacher.  That's not helpful.  Encourage the positive experiences that are happening right now.
  4. Listen, accept, and be flexible.
    • Talk to your child, in a clear, reasonable way about what is going on.
    • Children who are tantruming (more than usual), being defiant, or acting out, may actually be feeling anxious.
    • Sometimes least resistance (just skip that math assignment and go on to the next task) is the best way to go. Be reasonable and kind to yourself.

I am attaching a wonderful resource that came from a teacher friend in Illinois.  It's probably one of the best schedule break downs that I have seen.  Please use this as a reference tool.  You do whatever you can.  You don't need to overdo it.

Remote Learning Recommendations during COVID-19 Emergency (Pg.17)

Source: (Illinois State Board of Education website) PDF:

You are all doing such an amazing job.  I miss all of my Busy Bees and their families.  I hope everyone is healthy and well.  Sending lots and lots of love...  xoxo

Kathy Hokonohara