Busy Bee Learning Hive's response to COVID-19

Last updated on March 30, 2020

Originally posted on March 13, 2020

Busy Bee Learning Hive will be CLOSED effective, Monday, March 16

I hope everyone is safe and healthy at home. I am receiving many of the same questions. Instead of fielding them one by one, I wanted to open up the information to everyone, by staying true to our mission and being honest and transparent.

What I know:

There was a message sent out by CUSD Friday night with the school closure announcement and many changes to the school schedule. This coming week (March 16-20) is now being considered "Spring Break." After that point, students will have 2 weeks at home (March 23 - April 3). Students are scheduled to return to school on Monday, April 6th. (Please note, there will be another board meeting on March 25 to evaluate further plans.)

Why did BBLH make the decision to close the Hive:

BBLH's #1 rule: BE SAFE.
  • As all of my students know, we have only ONE rule here at the Hive. BE SAFE. I repeat this to them on a daily basis. They know that their safety is my very first priority.
  • For this exact reason, the safety of my students, their families, my staff, and my own family, I have made the decision to close the Busy Bee Learning Hive, in accordance with the district’s timeline. This was a very difficult decision but at this point, it is a necessity and we need to do our part.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people are social distancing (physically staying about six feet from other people). With this information and the school closures, I decided to make this heart-wrenching decision. It was not an easy decision.

What is the Hive's plan? Am I going to get a refund? Are there going to be make-up classes?

  • This is a rapidly evolving situation. We will navigate through this one day at a time. We have never dealt with anything like this.
  • According to our Terms and Conditions, fees are non-refundable and non-transferable "for any reason, including but not limited to natural disasters, inclement weather, acts of terrorism, illness, health conditions, medical or personal or family or work emergencies, or change of mind." Therefore, I will not be reimbursing any tuition fees. Thank you for understanding.
  • As a small business owner, this is a very scary time. I do not know what the effects will be when we do start operations again. Your tuition payments keep our daily operations going- rent, liability insurance, auto insurance, employee insurance, utilities, taxes, employee paychecks, etc. With that said, these expenses will continue to be paid even with the closure.
  • With the current district's change of schedule, we will be missing one week in March and one week in April (Spring Break was already considered in our tuition rates and schedule).
  • I will do my very best to try to "fill in" those missed sessions. I have already started building some learning packets that the students can work on. There are booklets that you can purchase at Lakeshore or Amazon, and many educational sites are offering learning tools during this time. In addition to those awesome resources, I am trying to build some learning materials that are meaningful to our learning standards in our local schools and at the Busy Bee Learning Hive. I also believe that your teachers/school will be providing some "distance learning" materials after spring break.
  • I am also considering on offering some "make-up" days in the summer, where students can come for some independent study sessions.

My thoughts:

The world feels scary and unsafe right now. It is overwhelming for everyone, for many reasons. But we don't want our children to absorb our fears and worries. Although you may think that they are not listening or watching, they are. They sense everything. They most likely understand bits and pieces of what is actually going on. Have meaningful conversations, allow them to ask questions, teach them things that we usually don't have time for-- tying their shoes, watering plants, cleaning the windows, folding the laundry... they are curious and wanting to discover and explore. Please take this time to cultivate their curiosity. We are in this together. If there is anything that I can do, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay healthy. Be safe. And we will be in touch.

Kathy Hokonohara